callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Autumn Almanac

My favourite season and I’m sorry for people who don’t enjoy it. I actually liked going back to school. New shoes! New stationery (always had a thing for it)! Happy memories of going into a misty, chilly garden to pick a few blackberries for my cornflakes, sniffing the smoky smell of chrysanthemums. What happened to those ‘great tawny chrysanthemums’ which are mentioned so often in old books? This year I only have these pink ones, which were on special offer at the garden centre.

There's one apple tree in my new garden and last year there wasn't a single apple worth picking. This year, it's laden. Nice crisp fruit, don't know the variety. Hope I can manage to pick them.

This berberis is the the size of a small tree and is currently dripping with coral pods.

Cotoneasters are rather weedy in that they seed themselves into cracks and are then hard to get rid of. The berries are jolly, though.

Another weed (my opinion). This is Tutsan or Hypericum androsaemum, a British native. It has yellow flowers followed by berries which are yellow, then red and finally black, as here. Far too keen on self seeding itself all over the place and hard to dig up.

Lots of hazel nuts in my hedge. I took these photos yesterday and did quite a bit of gardening. Just as well; today it's cold and wet.
Tags: autumn, garden centre, new garden

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