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January 2019



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Found in Books 2. Education

Note that girls were not expected to swim as far as boys. The Bayswater Jewish School still exists under a new name.

The letter inside congratulates Jeanette on winning the prize given by the writer. The writing’s hard to decipher and I can’t find any school in modern Weybridge which corresponds.

I bought a collection of old Lucy Fitch Perkins’ ‘Twins’ books and found this good conduct certificate inside one of them. Didn’t she do well? I’ve tried researching The Convent of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It may have been in Foxgrove Road, Beckenham and later moved elsewhere. I don’t think the school still exists but I found an interesting link here (search for ‘Beckenham’ on the page).


These are great things to find in books! :) I found a heap of dead ants in one of mine ...
Yuk! Why do insects like books?


How interesting! I was intrigued by the envelope and after a bit of trial and error, came across the Royal Masonic School in Rickmansworth, the Junior branch of which moved to Weybridge in 1918. Could this be it? The address definitely starts with Junior and the next word could, at a stretch, be Masonic. Here's the wiki entry - the Junior school move is mentioned at 2.2 Clapham J in the contents listing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Masonic_School
Oh well done! That does look right. I see the Juniors remained in Weybridge until 1973.
Crumbs! I know a former headmistress at the Royal Masonic School - well, a Royal Masonic School - perhaps there are many? Not as long ago as that, but small world?
Oh, sorry, that anon. comment was me - I forgot to use my OpenID details.

How classy! We got stars at junior school but nothing at all after that: no houses, no prizes until you left.
As Karen has suggested (comment was screened for a while). That's two of you much better readers than I am. Now if it had been written in the seventeenth century...


Gosh did you actually find all those things in books? Never found anything - not even a pressed flower! I love handwritten dedications and marginalia in second hand books.
Yup and I have lots more items. I like inscriptions in books, too. It's nice to know that Aunty Violet gave X to Joan in 1930.