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January 2019



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Weekend Thrill(er)s

I always like to have a good stock of reading matter laid in for the weekend and this morning the charity bookstall at the community centre yielded up these three books.
I seem to see the name Tess Gerritsen around everywhere at the moment but have never tried her books. Now’s my chance.

I still have several of Donna Leon’s Brunetti stories unread but I like to know they’re there for when the mood takes me. I like the Venetian setting. I like the way that, unlike most fictional detectives, Brunetti is happily married. One really ought to dislike his wife, Paola. She’s beautiful (natch), rich (Daddy), clever (teaches at the university) and on top of that is a fantastic cook who produces a wonderful cooked meal twice a day. Food is taken very seriously in these books. In spite of all these disadvantages :-) Paola is rather nice. My favourite character is the enigmatic computer whiz Signorina Elettra, whose help is so invaluable to Brunetti. Her methods are unorthodox but they have to be, to counteract the corruption all around, both in and outside the police force.

One of my current reads is J G Farrell’sTroubles but I’ll say nothing about it as it will be discussed tomorrow by the Cornflower Book Group.


I've often wondered what Tess Gerritsen is like, but have never tried them. I'd be interested to know what you think.
If they turn out to be gory books I'll give up!
A good friend of mine, who happens to be 80, loves Gerritsen's books. Somehow I doubt she is into gore. :-)
That encourages me! Mind you, I used to be surprised by the things my mother read at that age.