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What's in Your Sewing Box?

This was lurpak’s idea, after I was nosy about what was inside *her* sewing box.

This was given to me by my grandparents when I was young. I used to take it to Friday night Girls’ Club, part of our Sunday School, where we were taught embroidery; can you imagine? The girls there upset me by saying it looked like a potty. They had prettier boxes, chiz.

What a mess! Includes a wooden darning mushroom, never used these days. Silver thimble, ditto. A little gizmo called a Quikunpik, for ripping seams. Needles and black, white and navy threads. A horrible felt needle case which I probably made at junior school. Old name tapes. I also have lots of these:

Plus any amount of redundant zips, button cards, elastic, bias binding, small strips of Velcro etc.

And there’s an ancient tin full of buttons. I do very little sewing these days but there’s more of this stuff elsewhere and most of it has a memory attached.
You can call this a meme if you like and post your own picture(s).
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