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October 2018



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Make do and mend

What's in Your Sewing Box?

This was lurpak’s idea, after I was nosy about what was inside *her* sewing box.

This was given to me by my grandparents when I was young. I used to take it to Friday night Girls’ Club, part of our Sunday School, where we were taught embroidery; can you imagine? The girls there upset me by saying it looked like a potty. They had prettier boxes, chiz.

What a mess! Includes a wooden darning mushroom, never used these days. Silver thimble, ditto. A little gizmo called a Quikunpik, for ripping seams. Needles and black, white and navy threads. A horrible felt needle case which I probably made at junior school. Old name tapes. I also have lots of these:

Plus any amount of redundant zips, button cards, elastic, bias binding, small strips of Velcro etc.

And there’s an ancient tin full of buttons. I do very little sewing these days but there’s more of this stuff elsewhere and most of it has a memory attached.
You can call this a meme if you like and post your own picture(s).
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I like your sewing basket.

June Carter Cat is sadly no longer with us, but my grandmother's sewing box is, and looks much the same as it does in this picture :-)
I love the way this sort of thing is passed down through the women of a family.
Me too. I have my grandmothers' sewing boxes, and Rosie has her grandmother's. They may be long gone, but because we have these keepsakes, they are never far from out thoughts.
I love those wooden mushrooms - and so good to see someoen saying "Chiz".
Ooh, boilproof elastic, I remember that! And awful school knickers, by association. And you can't be a proper grown up if you haven't got a tin of buttons, probably inherited from your granny.
I had a superb collection of buttons - some from garments of my childhood. I foolishly gave some visiting children permission to play with them, without stipulating that they should be put back
It simply didn't occur to me that they would take them away with them.
What a shame!
At least it reminded me that you've always got to be absolutely clear with children!
All that old knicker elastic etc. was inherited. Yes, I have my granny's button tin! Isn't it maddening that you never find the right number of the one you want? And my daughter has her wooden box full of embroidery silks.
it's lovely that so many of us have them handed down from our grandmothers. I have an old Strepsil tin with the word 'PINS' on a yellowed scrap of paper taped on the lid. I think that tin is the only thing I have of hers with her hand-writing on it.
Never heard of that soup! There's a Bruno's tobacco tin in my hoard.
Old tins! A whole new topic there.


Hey there. Looked in my nan's sewing box today which I am about to inherit and found 3 thimbles with 'Edwards Dessicated Soup' written/advertised on the bottom! A quick search on the web has informed me that it was a early 20th century food product. The search also brought up your blog! Cheers. Katrina
How lovely for you!

How strange; but good.