callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

National Knitting Week

I can’t even remember how I know it’s National Knitting Week; there can’t have been much publicity. A quick Google search featured Knitting magazine and not much else. For us knitters, every week is knitting week so I should have thought the aim would be to get more people knitting? I decided to mark the event by featuring some vintage patterns from my recent Stitchcraft haul.

Pre-war elegance.

A knitted romper suit for the beach, 1938. Stitchcraft continued to feature beachwear during the war, which is surprising.

‘A coat for your dog’ in three sizes. Four breeds were featured. Wartime issues featured ‘service knitting’ every month, like the sweater below.

‘Who would have thought that in 1941 we’d be wearing woollen stockings?’ Here they are:

Cosy! I'm a great fan of woolly tights but I don't think I'll be making these.
Tags: knitting
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