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January 2019



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Eva Ibbotson

I was alerted by coughingbear to the death of
Eva Ibbotson, whose books I enjoy so much. There’s an obituary here. People may be interested to know that The Persephone Post is featuring her all this week. It was wonderful how she managed to keep writing so well at such a great age and I'm sorry there won't be any more from her.


I only discovered this today, too. Very sad, indeed. A hugely talented writer who will leave a very big gap.
:( Oh, that makes me sad. I'd been looking for years for a book I'd loved as a child and only discovered it was by Eva Ibbotson. (I had thought it was Diana Wynne Jones, who wrote one of my other favourite books, and she is very seriously ill now.)

I liked her stories because they weren't sugary.
I'm really rather sad. I enjoyed her books and I'm sorry there won't be anymore. How nice for her though that she could go on writing until the end.
Oh, thank you for the Persephone Post link - lovely photos. I should follow that more regularly.
I had no idea she was as old as that. When I came across The Secret of Platform 13 a while ago I thought she had jumped the Rowling bandwagon, but apparently it's the other way around.

My library has several of her children's books and also The Star of Kazan, I'll check her out.
The Star of Kazan is one of my favourites!
I was terribly sorry to hear of her death too. Such a fabulous author. The current Persephone Biannually has a lovely short story by her in it - A Question of Riches -originally published in A Glove Shop in Vienna and other Stories. I must confess I bought that book almost solely for the title alone (and of course because I've loved anything I've ever read by her) and bought some gloves whilst in Vienna for the same reason!
Oh, that is sad. I hadn't heard and had just come online to write about having read 'Magic Flutes' recently.