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October 2018



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lego me

The Name Game

From debodacious

Rules: Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real . . . nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. Your name: Callmemadam
2. A four-letter word: Cart
3. A boy's name: Chris
4. A girl's name: Carol
5. An occupation: Croupier
6. A color: Cream
7. Something you wear: Coat
8. A food: Carrots
9. Something found in the bathroom: Colgate
10. A place: Cyprus
11. A reason for being late: Crashing out
12. Something you shout: Come on!
13. A movie title: Casablanca
14. Something you drink: Coke
15. A musical group: Caravan
16. An animal: Cheetah
17. A street name: Cheapside
18. The title of a song: Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window

Do this really quickly and it's like one of those psychological associations tests.
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1. My name: Penny
2. A four-letter word: Poet
3. A boy's name: Peter
4. A girl's name: Pamela
5. An occupation: Postman
6. A colour: Purple
7. Something you wear: Petticoat
8. A food: Peas
9. Something found in the bathroom: Pictures on wall
10. A place: Paris
11. A reason for being late: Pottering about
12. Something you shout: Please!
13. A movie title: Play it again, Sam (Woody Allen)
14. Something you drink: Peppermint tea
15. A musical group: Pink Floyd
16. An animal: Pig
17. A street name: Port Street
18. The title of a song: Penny Lane

Penny (Scottish Vegan Homemaker - svh2.wordpress.com)
I like them!


1. Your name: Sian
2. A four-letter word: Shot
3. A boy's name: Sam
4. A girl's name: Sue
5. An occupation: Superman
6. A color: Saffron
7. Something you wear: Sundress
8. A food: Spaghett
9. Something found in the bathroom: Shavings
10. A place: Stockport
11. A reason for being late:Slow watch
12. Something you shout: Shoot!
13. A movie title: Something about Mary
14. Something you drink: Shiraz
15. A musical group: Showaddywaddy (where did that come from!)
16. An animal: Sheep
17. A street name: Saville Row
18. The title of a song: Somewhere Over the Rainboe