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November Books

I don’t know where November went.
By Patience Gilmour
Three’s a Company
The Seven Wild Swans
The Quest of the Wild Swans
The Cygnets Sail Out

The Lady of the Basement Flat, Mrs George de Horne Vaizey. Read on the Kindle
The Diary of a Nobody, George & Weedon Grossmith. Read on the Kindle
So Much to Tell , biography of Kaye Webb, Valerie Grove
The Other Miss Perkin , Lorna Hill
Clouds among the Stars , Victoria Clayton.
Agatha Raisin There Goes the Bride, M C Beaton.
Lorna on the Land , Doris Pocock
The Case of the Late Pig, Margery Allingham, audio CD
The Newgate Jig , Ann Featherstone.
Currently reading The Charming Quirks of Others, Alexander McCall Smith and The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

There's no need to say much as I seem to have written up most of the month’s reading already. You'd never guess from the picture above that The Lady of the Basement Flat was first published in 1915. The author is admirable, IMO and I have at least a dozen of her books. I began with About Peggy Saville, a school story which I liked so much and found so amusing that I started to collect more books by the same author. She was published as Jessie Bell, as Jessie Mansergh and as Mrs George de Horne Vaizey, so if you're searching, try all the names. I have The Lady of the Basement Flat as a serial in an edition of The Girl's Own Annual but it's pretty hard to read in that format so I was glad to get it for the Kindle. It's a strange story about a wealthy girl who wants to do good by living anongst people who need to have good done to them. So she finds a flat, takes her trusty henchwoman with her and disguises her (lovely) self as a much older woman. She does help people as she planned but finds life complicated when a man she at first disliked begins calling at the flat asking for her 'niece'. Of course, he saw through the deception from the start. It's all very far-fetched and will not be one of my favourites but I did enjoy it. Most of Mrs Vaizey's books are romances and I particularly like Big Game. She dealt with social problems as well, as in The Independence of Claire, which shows the problems of working women, in this case teachers, facing future penury. Many of her books are available to read at Project Gutenberg.

I was pleased to find Agatha Raisin There Goes the Bride at the library, as it follows on directly from the last one I read. I don't like the new cover designs for this series as much as the earlier, 'busy village' ones. Poor Agatha never fails to please for an hour or two. How different from The Shuttle, which I'm really struggling with. In fact I've been rewarding myself with a chapter of The Diary of a Nobody for every two chapters of the FHB I manage to get through. More on this when it's finished. Sigh. I expected to enjoy it.

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