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October 2018



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Make do and mend

Sometimes She Would Shop

Yesterday evening I watched Turn Back Time, the first time I’d watched any episode all the way through. (I can’t stand Greg Wallace and all that phoney ‘this is very serious and important’ stuff he does with dramatic pauses for no drama at all.) I’m surprised to see that the series is being plugged as genuine history rather than reality TV. Try BBC 4, Dahlings.
Anyway, last night's The High Street reached the seventies and for me the most interesting thing about it was to see Lee Bender appear. Lee Bender of Bus Stop! Absolutely iconic. I still have a Bus Stop dress, which has somehow escaped all my clothing purges and here it is.

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Thank you! I last wore it to someone's sixtieth birthday do. Those buttons are a terrible fiddle to do up.
I thought it must be that one! It is very cool.
Wow, a compliment indeed.
One of the shops in the programme was selling seventies clothes and was besieged by the cool young women of Shepton Mallet.
I keep meaning to catch those programmes. iPlayer ho!
Beautiful dress. I can see why it has escaped the purges.
Thank you. The fabric, the cut, the attention to detail are great and all at high street prices I could afford.
That's so lovely!
I had one in the same style but black. From Biba no less,my one and only designer label :-)
Thank you! We're a good vintage :-) I had a lovely skirt from Bus Stop, too: long-ish, purple crepe, bias cut.
That dress still looks wonderful.
I remember those buttons! i also remember buying a dress at Biba. I don't think that i ever bought from Bus Stop - only imitations - but i had a dress with buttons like that for over twenty years
Some things don't date.
Gorgeous dress, and love those buttons! I had a slightly similar full length one - it eventually got cut up to make a 16th century doublet and hat which turned out quite successfully.
Cut up? what a shame. Having said that, I had a long tiered dress, very seventies, which was chopped to be Cinderella's rags.
Gorgeous dress! I'm currently learning to appreciate 70s stuff thanks to a load of old issues of Womancraft.
Glad you like! It wasn't all flares and platform soles.


The hours I spent in Bus Stop trying on feather boas.
Something I never succumbed to!