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Garden News

Not news from my garden, where the only flowers are on this tough winter jasmine. There's no excuse for it; there are plenty of winter flowering shrubs. Unfortunately whoever planted this garden hadn't heard of them. No, the news is that Monty Don is returning to Gardeners’ World. I'm not such a fan of Monty as some people I could mention :-), mainly because I dislike being lectured all the time about ecological gardening. But, it's bound to improve the show.

Ratings have tumbled and I'm just one of the people who ceased bothering to watch. Sorry, Toby Buckland is just boring. Then there's Alys Fowler. At first she appeared as a gardening geek. Then they gave her a makeover and her own show, The Edible Garden in an effort to make her appear interesting. Epic fail. To me, she always had what Sue Limb once called a 'stern wholemeal gaze'. It got so that the only interesting part of the programme was poking around in Carol Klein's garden.

Apparently, Monty is to present this new series from his own garden, which many people will already have read about. It has to be an improvement.
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