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The Year in Books

Not a great reading year and I really can’t manage a top ten, so here’s some of the books I’ve enjoyed. All links are to my reviews.

Total read: 179 but I’m terrible at counting and the year’s not over yet.
Of which re-reads: 46
Best new(ish) novels:
The Case of the Missing Servant , Tarquin Hall
Juliet, Naked , Nick Hornby
One Day , David Nicholls
The Morning Gift , Eva Ibbotson
The Tapestry of Love , Rosy Thornton
Started Early, Took my Dog , Kate Atkinson
The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag , Alan Bradley

Best non-fiction:
The Adventures of Margery Allingham , Julia Jones
Nella Last in the 1950s , edited by Robert and Patricia Malcolmson

Best discoveries: Tarquin Hall; Victoria Clayton ; Carola Dunn .

Best children’s:
The London Eye Mystery , Siobhan Dowd
Beswitched , Kate Saunders
Wishing for Tomorrow , the Sequel to A Little Princess, Hilary McKay

I've done much better than usual at the library this year; been able to get the latest offerings from Alexander McCall Smith, for instance. Started Early, Took My Dog and The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag I bought new when they came out. I couldn't wait to read them and wasn't disappointed. If I'm honest, my most enjoyable reading has probably been re-reading: I Capture the Castle and the Cazalet Chronicles spring to mind. Then getting a Kindle has offered so much in the way of free downloads of classics and samples of new books. I do hope that in 2011 something will be published that I get really excited about.

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