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Puffin Covers 1.

I was delighted to get the Postcards from Puffin box for Christmas. 100 postcards! I’ve had great fun looking through them but for my taste there are too many early picture books and not enough story books. Why did the compilers choose Noel Streatfeild’s The Growing Summer rather than Ballet Shoes? Why two different versions of Little Women? So here is the first in an occasional series of Puffin Story Book covers from my own much-pruned collection.

Melissa Ann by Ethel Parton. Puffin Story Book 79. First published 1931, Puffin edition 1955. Cover by Sylvia Dyson. Lovely story about Mitty and her family, set in New England in the 1820s.

Tags: children's books, ethel parton, puffin books, puffin covers
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