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Garden News: promises

After another miserable dark morning yesterday, the afternoon was miraculously sunny and I was able to get outside. Much colder today with a big frost this morning but bright all day. This is wonderful. So over the weekend I’ve cut off all the hellebore leaves and cut down the huge ferns under the hedge. Part of their top growth stays evergreen and upright and part turns into a black, slimy, floppy mess. It’s daunting when you begin snipping but once you can see the crown the work gets easier. Why bother? Well it’s unsightly but, more importantly, smothering. Because underneath are

snowdrop snouts. Even some daffodils are starting to show. No doubt we’re in for a great deal more bad weather but here are the promises of spring, like this primrose.

Chewed up and ragged but determined to flower with hope against the odds. Goodness, I’m turning into Gladys Taber!
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