callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Puffin Covers 2

Redcap Runs Away by Rhoda Power. Puffin Story Book 103. First published 1952, Puffin edition 1957. Cover and text illustrations by C Walter Hodges.

Rhoda Power (1890-1957), wrote several historical books for children. The best known are probably Boys and Girls of History, written with her sister Eileen, and We Were There. I think I read We Were There at school but nowadays Redcap Runs Away is possibly the only one of her books still being read. It's the story of a boy who runs away to join a troupe of travelling entertainers but the plot is just a device for telling medieval tales. The one which struck me as a child and which I’ve always remembered, is Our Lady’s Tumbler.

Tags: c walter hodges, children's books, puffin books, puffin covers, rhoda power
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