callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Lovely Leaves

Beesia calthaefolia, photo Julian Sutton

Yesterday I went to a talk given by Julian Sutton of Desirable Plants. As it was an NCCPG/ Plant Heritage meeting, the hall was packed with plantaholics. Calling your talk Fun with Fancy Foliage is risky but the lecture lived up to its name. It’s interesting to hear from an expert what makes the foliage of one plant or variety so different from another, whether or not there are seasonal changes in the foliage and, of course, what’s new and hot. The Beesia shown above is completely new to me, as is this Pulmonaria.

Pulmonaria ‘Open Skies’

A good way to spend a dark, windy afternoon. I do like a man who will show a photograph of a plant and say he hates it so much he can hardly bear to look at it. If you click on the link to Desirable Plants, you’ll find some of his plant descriptions amusing. This is the time of year for catalogue browsing.
Tags: nccpg, plants

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