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January 2019



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Found in Books 6: the Autograph Letter

A few years ago I was browsing in a bric-a-brac shop which has since closed and bought a copy of Storm Music by Dornford Yates. Inside the book I found part of the original dustwrapper, neatly cut out, and this signed letter from the author to an admirer. Which was nice.


What a treasure!
I think so!
How sad! That's the kind of thing you don't forget. I'm always jealous now when I read about people who wrote to their favourite authors and got replies. It would never have occurred to me. When I was grown up and more confident, I wrote to Anthony Buckeridge and received a charming letter back, which I treasure.

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Wonderful! (Are you a fan of The Fast Show?)
Heh! Yes, I am.
Wonderful piece to have found! I love his address, just "Oak Avenue." Would you recommend a biography of him btw?
There's Clubland Heroes by Richard Usborne, which is not just about Yates. There is another biography, by Smithers. I may have read it and forgotten it.


Isn't that so wonderful! I see that amazon (us) has a few of his books for the Kindle. Can I begin anywhere or is there an order I should follow? The choices are:
Jonah & Co.
Berry & Co.
The Brother of Daphne
Anthony Lyveden
I should start with Berry and Co. as it introduces you to the Pleydells. The Kindle version is free in the UK. 'Boy' is usually the narrator and he's The Brother of Daphne and Berry's brother-in-law. The books are stories of their escapades, usually involving expensive motor cars, antiques, fetching young ladies etc. They live in a beautiful house in the New Forest. Berry is outrageous and too much for some tastes. I think the Berry books are still the most accesible and I'd recommend And Berry Came Too and The House that Berry Built.

Anthony Lyvedon is a standalone about an amnesiac;I don't like it.