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March 2019



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RIP John Barry

John Barry has died. He was famous for writing a lot of James Bond film title tracks but you probably have no idea how many of his songs and tunes you know without realizing he was the composer; stuff which has been the background to our lives for many years. I’ve known his work since the 1960s because he wrote the arrangements for Adam Faith’s hits. Yes, I do still have the record in the picture.


Yup! But what a career.
A great Yorkshireman is gone. Nooooooooo!

John Barry gave us some fabulous stuff and more or less set the tone for all the international jet-set spy caper soundtracks of the sixties and seventies; he wrote music to drink long martinis by, preferably enjoyed in the back seat of a Jensen Interceptor while cruising down the Croisette at Cannes. I doubt very much, though, if he'd ever have been able to work that glamour onto Budgie and Charlie Endell.
His being a Yorkshireman had passed me by :-)

Strange thing; I never watched Budgie.
I'm afraid he falls in the 'assumed he died years ago' category for me. I hope his work gets lots of airplay this week - I'm sure there'll be a special mention on SOTS.
The perils of a long career.
Bound to feature on SOTS soon. Are you as irritated as I am but the new 'what was happening in the big wide world' feature? Wastes music time, IMO.
How lovely to have all that nostalgia.! Sadly, my parents' home was burgled in about 1970 and my entire record collection went - the police suggested that the burglars were young - but why would 1970 youngsters want 1960s records?
Oh dear, what a loss.
It seems too much for one man!