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January 2019



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Puffin Covers 4

Susannah of the Mounties by Muriel Denison. Illustrated by Marguerite Bryant. Puffin Story Book 46. First published 1938, Puffin edition 1949.
I must have been about seven when I first read this book and I loved it, especially the part about Susannah getting her own Mountie uniform. Imagine how cross I was when it was read aloud to us at junior school and I’d already read it. Little did I know then that there are three other books about Susannah. They’re very hard to find but I’ve managed to read two of them.


I remember seeing the Shirley Temple film of the same title.
I'd no idea there was a film! Must look it up.


My mistake. I was confusing this title with another film of hers.

Re: Oops!

Oops Again!

Yes, there is a Shirley Temple version which was released in 1939.

I loved that book too! And have definitely read at least one of the others - I seem to recall her going to London for Queen Victoria's ?Diamond Jubilee.
I'm pretty sure that's in Susannah at Boarding School. ISTR the school was near Windsor and the girls lined up to watch the Queen go by. I liked that book a lot but had to read it and then pass it on.
These were real favourites of mine too especially as I went to Regina as a three and seven year old!
Whoo! Just shows how much general knowledge you can get from reading, that I had even heard of Regina when I was so young.
My husband works for Penguin and he says they have copies of all the first editions of both Penguin and Puffin where he works, locked up of course! I remember being in the Puffin Club when I was a child and getting the magazine and a badge etc. I can't remember having heard of this one before... must investigate.
What a wonderful archive that must be!
I'm too old to have been in the Puffin Club :-(
I picked up hardbacks of this, Boarding School and Yukon in Oxfam for about £3 each a few years ago, I must get round to reading them!

I do remember comparing the Puffin with the hb and finding that there were bits missing from the pb - I seem to remember a telegram being involved.
Well done you, what a find!
Hmm, sorry to think I haven't been reading the whole book.
I've just checked, the text of the telegram is missing from page 10. I've not checked any further, but the rest of the text on the first couple of pages seems to be the same.

And I thought you might like to see my Puffin, it's the 1949 edition -

Thank you, that's lovely!