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October 2018



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The Joy of Kindle

A while ago I downloaded free sample chapters of A Girl's Guide to Kissing Frogs by Victoria Clayton. I didn't buy the book then but last night in bed I read the sample again, wanted to go on with it and was very surprised to find I can buy a book from the comfort of my bed. How's that for instant retail therapy?


I love it.
A lot of temptation, though!
Wonderful! Dare you risk reading it in the bath though?


Classics on Kindle

I don't know how to contact you, so I am sending a comment. Yes, the coolest thing about the Kindle, other than the print is soothing if you have bad eyes and the book is always the same weight whether it is "War and Peace" or "A Girl's Guide to Kissing Frogs" is that you can read samples and buy books in bed. It is especially nice when you have just finished the second book in a trilogy and are wide awake!

I do a blog about pre-copyright classics that are available free or for very little online. http://kindleclassics.blogspot.com/ I would be pleased if you took a look at it. I am surprised at how many of these older books I have read!

Re: Classics on Kindle

Thank you, I've had a quick look and will go back for more.
I so agree that the Kindle is a blessing for people with poor eyesight.
I like the idea of reading a sample before you buy. Keep wavering over the Kindle. I like the reality of books - even the smell of books - but I can see the appeal of the Kindle and I believe you get the artwork, too.
I love the screen, so easy to read and with adjustable font size. I love being able to have big fat books on a slim Kindle. Artwork: with older books you need to check this; sometimes you get the plates, sometimes not. I got pictures with a Jacqueline Wilson, with Winnie the Pooh and one of the Mrs Vaizey books.
It is very tied in to Amazon, though with superb service. I've had less success with downloading free books from other sources. The Kindle is rarely wirelessly supported and I've had trouble converting files to a usable format. I don't know whether this applies to all e-readers.


That really is a wonderful feature, isn't it?! I have to get up from the bed and walk across the hall for the wifi to work. Oh, poor me. :<) This book isn't available over here for the K. :<(
Oh, the hardship! We used to wait for dial up connections and now get wildly impatient if everything doesn't happen instantly.

I expect there are books we can't get :-)