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All this week Channel 4 has been showing an Audrey Hepburn film at lunchtime. I've recorded each one to watch in the evening when there's nothing on. Today's offering was Breakfast at Tiffany's except it wasn't. The film was pulled in order to show racing. I'm quite fond of the gees myself but why does sport take precedence over everything else on television, she ask rhetorically?

So far, I've liked Roman Holiday best, with a self-sacrificing Gregory Peck. As Princess Ann, with her hair in a coronet of plaits, Audrey looks just like Princess Anita from School Friend! Better than Sabrina, even though Humphrey Bogart was in it. Why did the studios pair her off with men who were so much older? In lovely Funny Face the male love interest is Fred Astaire, who must have been thirty years her senior. Kay Thompson acted Hepburn off the screen but what does it matter when you look the way she did?

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