callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

South Riding

I bought this early edition of South Riding at the market a while ago. As I’d run out of library books and this is the book of the moment, I decided to read it again. I can only say that I must have been a much more patient reader when I was younger because my constant thought on re-reading is this book is too long and needs editing. I doubt if I’ll finish.

Someone has clipped and pasted into my book a review and cast list for the 1938 film.

The review says that Ralph Richardson is good but ‘hardly a romantic figure’. He’s certainly not my idea of Carne!

I’ll reserve judgement on the BBC series until it’s finished. I sighed when our heroine said to the appointment board, ‘This is 1934!’. Telling us the date or having people introduced by ‘Ah, here comes Mr Gladstone, the Prime Minister,’ is an infallible sign of a bad period drama. Plus, in the book, Sarah is appointed head in 1932. She doesn’t dazzle in red, either, but wears dark brown clothes and sensible shoes.

I’ve only just discovered inside this copy something for my ‘found in books’ album.

4% guaranteed! Those were the days. Now, as I bought some more books at the market this morning, I'll read something different.
Tags: found in books, market, winifred holtby
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