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March 2019



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garden journal

Garden News

Gardening two afternoons running! I know some parts of the country are less well favoured but here it’s like spring has sprung, although not that warm. The cherry is in bloom, the bank covered with daffodils, primroses and celandines. So pretty. But oh, my poor back. I’m trying to clear a bed of rubbishy old self-seeded plants so that I can put in things I’ve chosen myself. Unfortunately, some of these plants are mallows, which have roots over a foot long and take some getting out. Then because the bed’s been neglected everything is matted; digging out grass is difficult because it’s worked its way in amongst other plants. I have to limit my activities so that I’ll be fit for more tomorrow.

I love the blue of this Pulmonaria longifolia.

I also took a picture of Omphalodes ‘Starry Eyes’ but it was rubbish so you’ll have to look on the Crocus site instead. I had this plant in my old garden so when I saw one on the plant table at an NCCPG meeting last autumn I snapped it up and planted it in what I plan to be a mainly spring bed.


I'm impressed!

It was lovely and warm yesterday and I did a bit in the garden; today is misty and cold. I did do some, mainly picking up hedge trimmings, but I got twinges in my back again and reluctantly came in. Maybe more tomorrow ...
Sympathies for your back. I ache all over!
Beautiful flowers!

In my perfect world, gardening would involve giving directions from a lazy chair, a cold beverage within reach. No sore back for me!

The weather today was lovely here, as well. O spring, how I've missed you!
Spring flowers are special.

I do actually enjoy the work, but digging is getting too much for me. I'd be happy to spend my time outside propagating and planting and drifting around dead heading. I already pay someone to cut the grass.
I sympathise, eradicating mallow is hard work. The weather here is perfect for gardening but I'm handicapped in my efforts by an 8 week old pup who thinks that all plants are potential dinner:-)
Your puppy is adorable! Even so, I wouldn't want one in the garden just now.
It came out much better than photos of anything blue usually do. Luck, I'm afraid, not judgement.
Beautiful photo. Well done on the gardening. Hope nice weather continues!
Seems to be nice only in the afternoons ATM. I was so stiff yesterday I had to sow seeds instead of digging.