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Dylan in China


A lot of fuss about Bob Dylan playing Beijing but avoiding potentially seditious songs such as Blowing In The Wind or The Times They Are a’Changing. Does it matter? Isn’t it better for Chinese fans to get the chance to see him live? I was amused by the BBC reporter who said this morning that it was so hard to make out the lyrics that Dylan could have been promoting revolution and no one any the wiser. Also by the sweet man who said, in Chinese, that Like A Rolling Stone was his favourite song and then sang, in English, How does it feel… and giggled at his own rendition.

There’s a report from The Independent here . The ignorance of journalists never ceases to amaze me. I looked at a few reports: almost all refer to Dylan as ‘the counter culture hero’ and some even call him ‘the protest singer’. As any fule kno, Dylan doesn't like to be labelled.

Even you yesterday, you had to ask me where it was at
I couldn't believe after all these years, you didn't know me any better than that

UK fans: the never-ending tour reaches Finsbury Park on the 18th June.
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