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January 2019



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Rien n'est simple

Blueberries were ridiculously cheap at the market on Saturday. I stewed one punnet to eat with yogurt. The other I decided to use to make blueberry muffins, which are useful because they freeze so well.
Once, I had an enormous kitchen with room to leave all gadgets on the worktops and lots of big cupboards. Now I don't, so baking goes like this:
Heave trusty Kenwood out of cupboard. It's made of cast iron or similar and weighs a ton.
Get out steps to reach down flour from tins which live on top of fridge.
Use steps again to reach baking powder, vanilla etc.
Wish I were taller.
Go into another room for baking tray and muffin cases.
Get out ingredients and put every single item away just as soon as the substance is in the mixing bowl.
Mix cakes.
Put Kenwood back in cupboard to make room for doling out cake mixture.
Put tray in oven.
Wash up immediately.
Wait thirty five minutes et voilà, as Raymond Blanc would say.

The cloth was a present from ramblingfancy. It's far too pretty to use as a tea towel.


Well worth it!
Washing up straight away is a must for me.
My cupboards always give me an avalanche when i seek out thos little used ingredients
It is, really, but it does put me off doing as much as I used to.
Oh, yum!
Indeed! I had to try one, obv.
Those look absolutely delicious, and the cloth is lovely.
They are good and I'm glad you ike the cloth.
Oh yummy Barbara! They look delicious and so glad the cloth has it's uses! You have the most charming kitchen ever, AND you bake! I was only noting last week that the kitchen steps are about the only bit of household equipment that has followed us since the California years! What it is to be short!