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Royal Wedding again

I refer all my readers to the brilliant pre-wedding commentary given by rosathome.

Dears, I cried nearly all the way through, especially when the couple took their vows. Don't worry, all proper weddings affect me like that. The Abbey looked beautiful with the arcade of trees. The music was beautiful. The bride was beautiful: she looked more royal than the groom! The service seemed somewhat restrained, making Prince Charles' first wedding seem over the top in comparison. I think they all feel they're treading on egg shells. And really, congregations these days! I was shocked to see that with the exception of the Duke of Edinburgh, whom God preserve, people needed to have their noses stuck to their service sheets to sing Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Redeemer. At least David Cameron seemed to know all the words of Jerusalem without looking. I do and sang it heartily to an audience of Huw Edwards.

The bride's father certainly gave the National Anthem some welly. As the potential grandfather of a future King or Queen, he must be the country's #1 monarchist. All power to the middle classes, I say. Fergie's girls looked irredeemably vulgar (those hats!) compared with the wand-like Middleton women. Like the Phillips family all those years ago, the Middletons know how to be reticent and to behave with dignity. Unlike all the reporters manically trying to find eccentric people to talk to at the times when nothing was happening. Some creepy woman said the day was 'all about Diana'. Coverage: well filmed, unbearable to listen to.

It's been uncannily quiet here today; I don't think I've heard a single car go by.
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