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October 2018



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The Beeb's Dylanfest

There’s something on Radio2 almost every evening this week, some programmes timed to be on just as I’m dropping off to sleep. So thank goodness for the iPlayer. Last night’s offering was Nashville Cats: the Making of Blonde on Blonde. It was presented by Bill Nighy. Normally I could listen to him reading anything but here I felt his voice added little. TBH it was a prog for geeks or people who are very keen on Al Kooper (and nothing wrong with that). It was worth hearing just to be reminded what a great album Blonde on Blonde is or, as the script put it, ‘arguably Dylan’s greatest LP’. Singles, EPs and LPs; another world.

As well as these music programmes, there’s short stories on Radio4 in the afternoons and No Direction Home on TV. Sometimes, I’m really glad I was around in 1966.

ETA: First the poll code wouldn't work. Now the check boxes have disappeared. 4 people have voted but only 3 votes show. Grrr!

My favourite song from Blonde on Blonde

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Pledging My Time
Visions of Johanna
One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)
I Want You
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Just Like a Woman
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
Temporary Like Achilles
Absolutely Sweet Marie
4th Time Around
Obviously 5 Believers
Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
I can't choose


I have just this minute finished listening to Nashville Cats on iPlayer!
I beat you by about half an hour!
Even there, I'd take the Flamin' Groovies or Jason and the Scorchers covers over Bob's original.

Went through a big Bob phase when I was about 19/20, rarely listen much to him now and if I do I prefer a lot of his 70s albums; most of Desire, side 1 of Street Legal, and above all the whole of Blood on the Tracks are, for me, as good as the Zimster ever got.
Some great songs on those albums. For me, Like A Rolling Stone is still his greatest. But there are so many.
Boring choice, I would have thought, but everybody picked other titles.
"I Want You" has been my favourite since forever. Nowadays it has to share with "Blind Willie McTell".

A few weeks ago I'm Not There was shown at work (after hours of course :) ), and I was very happy that both songs were in it. Also, Cate Blanchett did a fine version of "Ballad of a Thin Man".

I agree with burkesworks on '70s Dylan. Blood on the Tracks is my favourite Dylan album, Desire comes second. (Maybe it's because I was a teen then.)
ETA: Hmm, I read on IMDb that "Ballad of a Thin Man" was performed by Stephen Malkmus. I really thought it was Cate herself singing, I was so impressed by her performance.
I'd pick I Want You from this list but LJ won't let me vote in my own poll!

My daughter brought I'm Not There down for me to watch. I liked the Cate Blanchett section best but it's so like No Direction Home as to seem unoriginal. The scenes in the West lost me completely.

Maybe it's because I was a teen then
I think that's it and why early Dylan songs are the ones I know most of the words to. I've kept up, though!

I had this album and numerous others (which I still have) and was a huge Bob Dylan fan in my youth.

I see we are both friends of aellia and landgirl and are of a certain age so I wondered if you'd be interested in friending?
a certain age ha ha! Yes, let's. I'm only too aware that I'm old enough to be the mother of some people on my friends' list.

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It's the polite way of saying we're getting older :) I see you have friended me and I have reciprocated :)
Possibly his 70s records were as good, but then there was competition. In 64-66 (It Ain't Me Babe was from 64) he had to do it all alone, "ploughing a lonely furrow". Hearing these songs at the time was astonishing, like nothing else.
He's a wonder, that's all.
I see you picked Visions of Johanna. When Richard Mabey was on Desert Island Discs he said he'd take that one so he could spend his entire time on the island trying to make out what it was really about.