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‘Françoise taught me all the French I know.’

The words of a chap who’s still a fan after all these years.
I missed a programme on Radio 4 yesterday and just caught up with it on the iPlayer. It’s called Falling for Françoise and describes how John Andrew and other teenage boys (Malcolm McClaren, for example) fell for Françoise Hardy in the early 1960s. Andrew sets off down memory lane, meets other fans (not all male, I’m pleased to note) and even gets to interview his heroine. Bob Dylan was apparently also an admirer and sang Just Like A Woman and I Want You to her in his dressing room; you need to hear her tell the anecdote. One of those amusing and interesting little programmes Radio 4 does so well. And Françoise sounds so nice.
Tags: bob dylan, francoise hardy, french music, radio 4, the sixties
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