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Round Up

Too good looking?

Just a little round up as I haven’t been posting. Sorry there’s been no May books yet; I’ll get round to it sometime. There’s a Test Match on.

What did people think of Case Histories on TV last night? I’ve read and loved all the books yet even I was a little confused by what was going on. I felt it lost the atmosphere Kate Atkinson creates so brilliantly but OTOH I had to give up my tricky knitting for my easy sock so I could watch properly and an hour whizzed by.

I’m reading and not wanting to finish Caddy’s World by Hilary McKay. This is billed as a prequel to Saffy’s Angel and is about Casson family life around the time of Rose’s birth. Gripe 1: why couldn’t the publishers make this book uniform with the rest of the series? Gripe 2: I pre-ordered it, so I should have got it as soon as it was available, but it isn’t even a first edition. Huh?

Garden news is good because it’s raining now, rained yesterday afternoon and rained the night before. For a garden which has only had a day’s drizzle in about three months this is refreshing. Plus, smug chops here had done some planting and hoeing at what turned out to be just the right time. Why do people talk of a ‘June gap’? The garden’s full of flowers.

An email from AbeBooks today about Feel Good reads. We could all do with some of those but what do you think of their choices? By what possible standard could you call A Town Like Alice feel-good? It’s so sad! If Bridget Jones’ Diary weren’t already a favourite read of mine, I would have been put off forever by the horrible cover shown on that page.
Tags: abe books, garden, hilary mckay, kate atkinson

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