callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

How Does My Garden Grow?

Answer: a lot better than it did, thanks to non-stop rain yesterday. Unfortunately it was also cold and very windy so plants got bashed up rather. Today is quite different, rather humid. A month ago I posted about the plants waiting to go out. Since then, growth has been amazing. Half-hardy and tender plants certainly know how to make the best of their short season. First comes the gothic basket, overflowing already: look, no joins!

The chimney plants aren’t quite hiding their pots yet.

This one took a beating yesterday.

White Lobelia with Helichrysum. My camera always reflects white and hides the detail.

Just a few of the Pelargoniums are outside. I decided to put only red ones here and there’s a few more to come.

The Cerinthes which were potted up are way ahead of the ones recently planted in beds and their weird flowers are just starting to open.

Still waiting. Once the tulips are out of the way, these replace them. The Nicotianas are raring to go and I keep pinching them out. The Cleomes are much slower; I’m rather worried about them because they need hardly any watering. I’m also waiting (and waiting) for the man to fix my drive and other men to mend my shed roof, which is in an even worse state after yesterday.
Tags: garden, greenhouse, pelargoniums

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