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Yesterday, en route to visiting relatives, we stopped in the charming Hampshire town of Alton for lunch and book hunting. It was very quiet: cybersofa opined that everyone had gone Christmas shopping in Guildford.
The Alton bookshop yielded a few of the better Chalet paperbacks but nothing else of interest, disappointingly. There are plenty of charity shops and I reckoned a paperback Molesworth omnibus was worth 50p, even though I have some original editions. You never know when you may want to carry a copy around with you.

I also browsed the yarn shop. Lots of Patons, a fair amount of Rowan and a small selection of Debbie Bliss plus a lot of pattern books. There were three assistants in there (three? in an empty shop? I don't understand how they can pay themselves), sitting at a table knitting, crocheting and chatting. I can't say they were rude or unhelpful but one can't help feeling like an intruder on a cosy, private scene, which is not how a potential customer should feel. I came away with a bag of half price Rowan from the bargain bin, wondering if I should have got more. They had several so-called 'project bags' containing mixed leftovers which were pretty but I couldn't think of anything to do with them.

We were lucky, considering the weather Friday and today, to have a perfect day for our trip, with the countryside beautifully brown and green. It felt more like autumn than winter, though.
Tags: book shops, country towns, knitting
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