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Enough is Enough

Right Ladies, that is IT. I’m not reading another detective story by a woman author, set after the First World War with a heroine either involved in it or suffering for it afterwards. Better you should all take a lesson from Kate Atkinson and write believable, gritty mysteries with attractive characters, set in the modern world. It’s much harder to do than carry out ‘research’ which seems to consist of reading Testament of Youth, a very subjective and unreliable source, IMO. In fact, could you all just shut up about the First World War (mud, blood, Tommies, blood, mud ad infinitum) and put your Dandies, Maisies, Daisies and Marys in a box forever?

What has brought on this rant? Being bored to screaming point by The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R King. I was right when I said you had to read the first book to make sense of the rest of the series but I’ve given up on it. Listening to Holmes, Mary says she’d forgotten she wasn’t interested in bees. You and me both, ducks; I never want to read anything about bee keeping ever again. In case you’ve never heard of these books the premise is that young Mary Russell, a girl of extraordinary intellectual powers, meets the retired Sherlock Holmes. He recognizes a kindred spirit and trains her up to be his associate. The problem is that Mary is intolerably intellectually arrogant and above all (it’s first person narrative) so damn solemn about everything. Completely humourless. Worse, because the books are ‘Mary’s truthful version’ of Sherlock Holmes, the series is really a critique of Conan Doyle; one which is greatly in King’s favour and suggests she is the better writer. I will just say that I have never found a Sherlock Holmes story dull.
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