callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

November books: or few

A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George
Island to Abbey Sheila Ray and Stella Waring. Didn't get very far with this, finding it unreadable. Will try again some other time.
The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble. Like The Jane Austen Book Club a missed opportunity to connect the characters with the books they read. More accessible in that reading about shopping at Bentalls in Kingston I know where I am.
Well Schooled in Murder by Elizabeth George. A child death made this more disturbing than her others.
Monica by Evelyn Everett-Green
Snowfall by K M Peyton. Charlotte is another of her tiresomely anachronistic heroines, like Christina in Flambards. If I want to read about a late nineteenth century girl who is bored with life in a vicarage, I’d much rather read Priscilla by Evelyn E-G. 
The Road to Huntingland by Mabel Esther Allan. Extrasensory perception, an old castle, an old mystery, a new love story.
The Four Graces by D E Stevenson. Delightful and just what I needed. 
The Lancasters at Lynford by Freda C Bond. The second book about the Lancasters, after The End House which I enjoyed so much. In this book they move yet again. The second world war has broken out and they let the end house to share a country manor house with some former neighbours. Set in Somerset, near what is obviously Bath.
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