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the iconic fragrance which Thierry Wasser wants to turn pink

Did anyone else watch the BBC 4 programme Perfume yesterday evening? It showed Guerlain and Estée Lauder trying to appeal to new, younger perfume buyers. For my taste, the programme was too much about marketing and not enough about the alchemy of creating a successful perfume but it was still interesting. Viewers were left wondering what the ‘racist remark’ was which Jean-Paul Guerlain made on live TV but it’s easily Googled. As a result, the last Guerlain to run the company was deposed before his time to be replaced by his scheduled heir, Thierry Wasser. I was intrigued by Wasser’s comment that the production of Guerlain perfumes was artisanale compared with its competitors and would have to change. He’s looking for globalization just at the time when ‘artisanal’ is the buzzword when applied to other products.

Perfume was followed by The Luxe Experience, with lots of wonderful photographs of art deco buildings and Paul Attenbury waxing eloquent about his favourite era. Unfortunately I fell asleep before the end so will have to catch it on the iPlayer.

Do you have a favourite perfume and if so, what is it?

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