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It’s hard enough selling books on eBay at the moment, without making things worse for yourself by careless listing. Here’s a little round up of errors I noticed in June, proving that a number of people just can’t read.

Domsie Goes to School. For those not in the know, the girl’s name is Dimsie. This one is my favourite, it seems to make her a different character altogether.
The 101 Dalmations. Such a common error it’s hardly worth noting.
Barbar (the elephant). Another common one.
The Sixth Form Pantomime by Jane Grey. It’s Janet and I can’t help mentally putting ‘Lady’ in front of this invented author’s name.
La Vaste Monde. This error has been up for months and months as the book has been repeatedly relisted. Irritates me every time I see it. Just look at the book cover for goodness sake!
High Waves by Dorothy Whipple. Yo!
Scouts in Bondage by Geoffrey Prout. No error, I can just never get over the title.
The Percivals by Evelyn Evertett-Green. Error repeated throughout listing.
Little Gray Rabbit’s Birthday. Grey Rabbit is English, not American
Lost in the Artic. Must be a big lorry.
Scambled Eggs collection
Eleanor Brent-Dyer
John Newberry (Newbery of the prize).
Alaphabet of childrens names
Irene L Plunket. Her name was Ierne.
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