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January 2019



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woman's magazine

Georgette Heyer

‘Georgette who?’ indeed! I imagine most people who look at my journal have heard of the lady. Abe books devotes a page to her here. It’s worth looking at if only to see all the lovely covers.

Some of my Heyers:

Click to see more. This photo was taken before I moved; they're slightly better arranged now. I have them in printing order: how do you organise yours?


At the moment mine are arranged by the year in which they are set, but that may change ... sometime!
The joy of shelving!
Well, I am a librarian! My shelves don't look as impressive as yours though, as I still have a lot of tatty paperbacks. I quite like the Pan coloured spine editions, but most of mine are dying; I am slowly replacing them with cheap and not-so-tatty hardbacks.
I used to love these when I was growing up - Dad would find second hand copies for me - But I haven't read any in a long time. I should find some and give them another go.
When I was young my sister read them but I was too snobbish. Later I came to like them and still think they're great escapist reads.
Mine are 'organised' according to the place where I last read them. Okay, this is not quite true. There is more or less a whole shelf in the bathroom and several in the bedroom and quite a few still in Cambridge...

Mine are all paperbacks and a number of them are falling apart so I am contemplating replacing them with Kindle versions for easy access anywhere.
Funnily enough, I've just been looking at the Kindle versions. Unfortunately, they would cost me more per book than I've paid for the nice hardbacks. I might pick one, though, to know I've always got a Heyer on tap.
Some are cheaper than others. I found a couple at £3.50 which isn't too bad.
We have them mostly in the recent attractive ppbk editions - split between Miranda's bookshelves and mine, but would be very tempted to the Kindle editions myself. I don't have your lovely hardbacks though Barbara, and the covers are lovely!
I like those new(ish) paperbacks. They're the only ones our library has.
Are they the ones with the paintings on the front? I am not a fan. They bear no resemblance to the contents of the book so far as I can see.
Yes. I remember you saying before that you didn't like them. I'm just judging by prettiness.
I found Black Moth free for the kindle. I've never read a Georgette Heyer - started Death in the Stocks about 13 years ago and gave up early on. But I know many people who love Georgette Heyer, so I should give them another go.
Death in the Stocks is one of her detective novels and most peole prefer the regency romances. Try The Grand Sophy?
It certainly is a lovely collection. I arrange books by the same author in printing order as well.
I find that the easiest way.