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January 2019



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garden journal

Garden news: those pesky deer again

First thing this morning as I drew the curtains, I startled a young deer in the garden. He then leapt nimbly over an eight foot hedge. This is what he ate for breakfast: all the heads off the mallows; the stems of a hardy geranium which I’d already cut back; the red flower heads off Pelargonium ‘Vancouver Centennial’. Deer are very dainty nibblers, cropping all the stems to a neat uniform height. I don’t mind about the mallows because I’m trying (what a battle) to get rid of them anyway. But pelargoniums? I really can’t be bothered carrying them all into the greenhouse every evening just in case.

I should be thankful that this year my sedum and phlox plants have been left alone and not chomped to ground level. I shall never know whether or not the scary tin butterflies I planted really have kept the marauders at bay.

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I was about to be amazed at that butterfly until you said it was tin!
Ha ha! Perhaps it amazes the deer!
> This is what he ate for breakfast:

Oh dear, that did make me laugh. He sounds like the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
He's certainly hungry. What's wrong with grass, for goodness sake?


What's wrong with grass, for goodness sake?

Would you eat plain white bread if there was olive & rosemary available?

Wee sister
I don't garden to provide gourmet delights for deer :-)
I seem to be running a deer restaurant as well. About the only things that they consistently avoid are the geraniums and the herbs.
Ho, my geraniums must be special :-)
Oh dear. Well at least someone had a good breakfast! How nice to see deer in your garden, though. Shame they eat all the plants.
I prefer to see them at a distance, in the meadow!