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Far From the Madding Crowd: Kindle hints

I’ve been benefiting a lot from the advice given on this blog so I thought I’d start sharing my own Kindle experiences, beginning with a bad one. I decided to have Far From the Madding Crowd as my bedtime book. I do have a copy but couldn’t be bothered going outside in the dark to find it, so I downloaded a Kindle version.
Being a cheapskate, I looked for the cheapest version and went for the first one that came up, which cost 86p. It’s unreadable! It’s formatted
this: two lines followed by a line of one word only, with many strange

gaps like that one. There’s no need for it, as I’ve had many free downloads which are a pleasure to read. I’ll be deleting the book from my Kindle and finding the hard copy.
Tags: kindle, thomas hardy

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