callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

What Ho! Wodehouse

Decisions, decisions yesterday evening. Watch Outnumbered or Wogan on Wodehouse? Could there really be anything new in such a programme? I decided to record the little anarchists and watch Wogan and I’m so glad I did. It’s not often I sit all by myself laughing out loud but I did, just hearing Richard Briers and others reading Wodehouse. There was some fascinating old footage of interviews with Wodehouse and a tour of locations for the stories, none of which I’d seen before. I especially liked seeing his study, transferred to his beloved old school, Dulwich College. Everyone interviewed had something to say (this is unusual in itself) including, as so often, Stephen Fry. Asked when his love of Wodehouse began, he said he could date it precisely to his tenth birthday, when he was given Very Good, Jeeves and ‘it was like falling in love’. Well worth watching and there’s also an interview with Sir Tel in the Telegraph here. I read Very Good, Jeeves in bed.
Tags: p g wodehouse, terry wogan

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