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February 2019



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The Smell of Autumn

Some people don’t like chrysanthemums; ‘funereal’, they say. I love them, especially these tawny varieties. The smoky smell just sums up this beautiful time of year for me. These flowers aren’t from my garden but from that of some other local person selling them through the village shop. One bunch, two vases, bargain!


Isn't that the most lovely colour?

I like Autumn flowers very much.
My garden looks better than it has all year. Sedums, penstemons and plants like the lovely Gaura which just go on and on.
Isn't it a French tradition to send bronze chrysanthemums for funerals? I love looking at them, but they make me sneeze
I've no idea! Luckily I can sniff away without sneezing.
The mums are a stunning colour! They are one of my favourite flowers and I buy them a lot. I can remember them as a kid and people saying they were funeral flowers but they seem very popular anyway. Autumn is a lovely time of year :)
Another lovely icon! I'm not keen on the way you can buy them all year round nowadays (with no smell!) but now is just right for them. They remind me of my childhood garden.
Yes, I feel sorry for people who don't like autumn.
It's the same with many carnations. You don't always get that lovely peppery smell with them unless they are home grown or from the local nursery.


Yes, autumn. Precisely when will it arrive? It's 73F this morning at 7:30 in Philadelphia. I long for sweater and light jacket weather, the crisp freshness that clears the brain, helps sleep, and makes me feel hale and hearty.

But, in the meantime, I love your rust-colored chrysanthemums. I've always liked the yellows, whites, and rust colors. Not so much the pinks and mauves in this flower.

I've seen potted chrysanthemums in some of the stores, so maybe I'll buy some to hurry autumn along!
Goodness! It's warm and sunny outside now but we had a cold night and this morning I put the heating on for half an hour. Down here in the south of England there's no colour in the trees yet. We've had a miserable, cold wet summer so we deserve a few days like these!

Glad you like the flowers.



I must be more careful what I say. Yesterday morning it was 73F and this morning it is 56F! It was great weather last night for sleeping. I love the coziness of the sheets and blanket contrasted with the slight nip from the open window.

NOW I'm in the mood for chrysanthemums!

Re: Chrysanthemums

That's some drop! Enjoy.
They were my mum's favourite flowers. I was never too keen on them, but nowadays they remind me of her, so that is nice.

I don't think they are regarded as funeral flowers here. That is more the realm of white lilies and such.
Flower memories are good ones.
Lovely - so autumnal, and not in the LEAST bit funereal. Sounds like the sort of thing my mother in law would say!
Glad you agree with me and not with M-I-L!
Beautiful! I heartily concur. Reading that D H Lawrence short story (so depressing!) for O Level annoyed me at the time as I actually like that smoky smell too.
Is that the story where DHL says women want to pick and possess flowers and men are happy to look at them? We read it at school, too, but I can't remember any more about it.


People around here buy them in pots and either plant them or keep them in the pots for a month or so. They're for sale everywhere. I am very fond of them myself.
They will sometimes transplant to the garden. I'm not keen on the dumpy plants so tend not to get the potted ones.



I love the scent of chrysanths, and love the bronze ones best of all - if they were good enough for Mrs Miniver, they're good enough for me!
But what has happened to those large, mop head style chrysanths, they are all spray chrysanths these days. I would love to have just five of the large blooms, with their huge heads and hundreds of petals than the spray ones any day. In white, or yellow, or bronze, they are soooo elegant!

Re: Chrysanthemums

Mrs Miniver: yes, how often you read in old books of 'bowls of bronze chrysanthemums' in a room!
I think you'd have to get plants of those mop-head chrysanths from a specialist supplier.