callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Weekend Viewing

A fascinating Culture Show special yesterday evening about the writer Hilary Mantel. She spoke of her childhood, her illness and her writing methods; time just flew by. I was particularly interested to learn that she feels she needs ‘a boring life’ in order that the excitement can be in her head. What’s in her head is pretty disturbing and by the end of the programme I was thinking how glad I am not to be her. Very well worth catching if you missed it.

This evening, Sunday, can you believe it? The BBC has been stupid enough to put up Spooks against Downton Abbey! Ratings wars, still? Much as I enjoy Spooks it’s no contest. Can’t wait to see the chaps in uniform and I’m also hoping that Private Eye will bring back its Downturn Abbey series.

Tags: hilary mantel, television
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