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March 2019



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Garden News

Another golden day though not as warm as yesterday. Annuals and half-hardies are having a prolonged life but here’s a plant which should be flowering now.

It’s Saxifraga fortunei ‘Blackberry and Apple Pie’. I was delighted to find it at the garden centre a couple of weeks ago. This garden is much sunnier than my old one but there is some shade under shrubs where the saxifrage fits perfectly. The leaves are glossy green on top and dark red underneath. The flowers are variously described as white or ‘biscuit-coloured’, whatever that means. This one is almost green and so dainty.

First the shiny saxifrage leaves.

Then another rogue plant. This one appeared in one of my big pots and I let it flower to see what it would do. As you see, it’s been pretty well chewed. Now I know what it is, I can get rid of it.

The sedums are turning a gorgeous dark colour, deeper than this photo suggests.

I love this Gaura, which is a trembling mass of white and pink flowers but I just can’t seem to get a good picture of it.

It’s hugely pleasing to me that the Gaura plants are from cuttings I took last year.
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You make sedums look lovely!

Pretty pictures. Thank you for posting them.
Sedums *are* lovely! And so useful.

Glad you like.
I am warming to them. There is a bald patch half the way down the garden that looks a lot better for having them there!
Wow, such lovely photos. The Saxifraga Fortunei is just gorgeous. Well captured :) It has been a gorgeous day again after a slightly overcast start here.
Thank you! I'm quite in love with the plant, especially as that flower stem has shot up since I bought it.
We still have fog every morning and today I watched the huge red sun rise. The weather suddenly changed at about six o'clock and it was dark at half past. Can we be in for rain? You can get used to good weather :-)
I love the sedums!
Good-oh! This is their season.
I love the colour of the Saxifraga Fortunei, and agree with gwendraith on the picture. I love sedums. Butterflies have been noticeable by their absence on ours this year, though.
Same here. Lots of bees on the sedums but not butterflies.