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Dylan/Knopfler at the BIC

Yesterday evening huskyteer and I went to see the Dylan/Knopfler double bill at the pretentiously named Bournemouth International Centre. There were many grey or bald heads in the crowds milling around before the show but there was an excited buzz. It's odd that these two performers should have completely separate sets and I'd have liked to see them on stage together at least once. It was not to be. The Knopfler set was unexpected: very folky. I especially enjoyed Sailing to Philadelphia and Privateer. Poor old Knopfler, he played beautifully in his inimitable style and had a great band but it was clear most people were there for Bobby.

His Bobness came on after an unintelligible recorded announcement which I think at one point referred to him as 'the Columbia star'. As usual, no engagement with the audience, just song/blackout alternating until they'd done He spoke only at the end to introduce his band. Bob played a great new game with his audience, called 'Can you guess what I'm singing?' The band was over-amped for my taste and the introduction to each song sounded pretty much the same; husky was a little quicker than I was at guessing the right answers. The lyrics were shouted rather than sung and it was just as well everyone there knew all the words. A great new take on old songs or just going through the motions? The audience went justifiably mad for Tangled Up In Blue and Highway 61 and the fact is that whatever he does, the spry little man in the big hat is mesmerising. Our binoculars were useful. Ballad Of A Thin Man was one of the few songs to have a recognisable intro and went down well, as did the finale, Like A Rolling Stone. It may sound better on your old vinyl but there's something about being in the same space as the man who wrote it singing one of the greatest songs ever written which brought everyone to their feet. The lights went out and the good people of Bournemouth and surrounding areas dispersed in a quiet and respectable manner. You'd think they'd just been to hear the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra rather than a couple of rock legends.
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