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October 2018



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The C Word

Yes, already. Over the weekend huskyteer and I went to look at the Christmas wonderland at the garden centre. We shrieked over some of the merchandise on offer but the things which made us go ‘Eeuw!’ rather than ‘Hee!’ were *plush reindeer heads*. Yup, sad decapitations to fix on your wall in an old-time yuletide spirit. Some of the displays were nice, though. I’ve always had a weakness for little light-up village scenes like this one.

Here’s a silver Christmas

and here a red one.

The Santa on the far right is doomed to climb forever up and down his treadmill ladder.
For people who hate tradition, there’s this cinema theme.

And much, much more, including far too many owls for a person who's watched Twin Peaks.

In other news, after some frantic reading and reviewing, I've just started Claire Tomalin's biography of Dickens. I may be some time.


Oh! Look! I feel a garden centre visit coming on.
No harm in looking!
Oh, I do like the lit-up village! Oddly enough, I've rather warmed to Christmas since I started blogging, the spirit of anticipation I meet up with being about right for me, I guess - but it means I do get some, whereas for years I've been curmudgeonly and only thought about it, let alone done anything about it, two days before it happens! I like tradition, but in a rather restrained way - but I do love carols (proper ones), maybe it's not too early to start listening (secretly)?
The village has lots more houses and a little train! It's all rather Thomas Kincaid, but sweet. I now have fairy lights round the fireplace all year round and I'm putting up the dresser ones in November. We need cheer.
Glorious! And now you've made me want to drive over to Twenty Pence garden centre to see theirs!

Enjoy the book.
Strange name for a garden centre? It's weird how the trade has taken over Christmas; ours is certainly my first stop for decorations and stocking fillers.

Thanks, I am! Getting back to it very soon.
The garden centre is in Twenty Pence Road in the village of Wilburton. I don't know the origin of the name.
How interesting. Here's a name for you: ours is in God's Blessing Lane.
Oh, I like that. Maybe there was a church?