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Disgusted, Dorset

To whomsoever may be responsible for waste recycling in East Dorset

Dear Sirs,

It is your proud boast that Dorset stands high in the list of councils successfully recycling at least 50% of all waste. You put up notices saying, 'Recycling. It's a way of life in Dorset.' So don't you think it rather petty minded and counter- productive to have *put padlocks on* the cardboard recycling bins at the council offices? Doesn't it make sense for people who live *in the same road* to use these bins, as they have been doing until now? If you think I'm driving all the way to the dump, queueing for ten minutes and then risking my neck tottering up those rickety steps to the skip with my arms full of cardboard, you have another think coming. Why don't you bring back kerbside cardboard collection? Please don't be surprised if your recycling rate goes down.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Angry
Tags: council tax, green issues

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