callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

At the Market

It was a miserable morning yesterday but the market was heaving. I’ve never seen so many sellers there; everyone trying to make a bob or two for Christmas, I expect. My first purchase was these SG GB albums with pre-printed pages.

Hideous, aren’t they? I still haven’t decided whether to keep them or pass them on. This sort of album has a very limited use IMO. Next I looked through a lot of stamp albums but wouldn’t pay what the seller was asking for them. Book finds followed: four 1940s children’s books for 50p each (bargain!) and some less bargainous books for a present for someone. Phew, with all that trekking round and rummaging I was pretty tired and almost didn’t make it into the last hall. Just as well I did because there I snaffled

A bag full of lovely old vintage knitting patterns and magazines. I had a great time looking through these later. 1950s copies of Home Chat and Woman’s Weekly: what more could I ask? Incidentally, Woman’s Weekly is celebrating its centenary. I’ve written about it before, here. There’s a lot of wartime stuff in this bundle; ‘If you can knit, you can do your bit!’ by making ‘service woollies’. I’ll pass on the balaclavas but how about knitting myself a silk vest? Maybe not.
Tags: knitting, market, stamps, woman's weekly

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