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Weekend TV Watch

Query: why is poppy sporting unnecessary on HIGNFY but obligatory on Strictly even if you’re wearing little else? Let’s have some consistency here.

Tess Daly looked less good than usual on Saturday. Her dress or her bra was the wrong size, I couldn’t work out which, so she had a rumpled midriff. My boy Harry is still, I think, being let down by Aliona’s choreography. Let him show what he can do, woman! Holly and Chelsee, OTOH, had wonderful choreography to work with. This must be because they have *Russian partners*. What is it with Artem and Pasha; were they in ballet boot camp from the age of five, perhaps? Lulu’s out? Didn’t see that coming, even though I thought she was pretty useless.

Wrong about Downton, too, because I predicted that Cora and Lavinia would both die. Talk about double standards from his lordship! ‘I want you with every fibre of my being.’ Ha ha ha! Hugh Bonneville is such a good actor I wonder he can bring himself to deliver a line like that. Plenty of material left for series three!

‘Enjoy’ was not quite the right word for Paddy Ashdown’s programme about The Cockleshell Heroes last Tuesday. A letter from a young man to his sweetheart brought tears to my eyes. He knew he was unlikely to come back and wrote, ‘Cheerio and God bless.’ After he died the girl succumbed to TB. A good programme to have on near Remembrance Day. There’s a film about the same story. I saw it in the sixties in a double bill with - Yellow Submarine!
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