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Do you feel like throwing things at the screen when Nigella swans about telling you how easy and stress free everything is? Especially when you think of the time taken by the shopping alone. At the risk of sounding like her, I do make every year really easy hazelnut meringue. Takes very little time and freezes well. Hey presto, you have a lovely pudding ready for any time over Christmas. We don't like a lot of cream so it's probably served with a good quality ice cream and stem ginger or perhaps some frozen raspberries. Another thing I always make, although not until Christmas Eve, is a Christmas log. Again I eschew rich creamy fillings so it's basically a Swiss roll, which is fun to make, with real chocolate on top. Plus icing snow and a robin, of course. Some of my friends have been to sugarcraft classes. I am neither handy nor artistic so my Christmas cake is plain looking but I wanted to show off the snow babies.


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