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Bob Dylan and the Zeitgeist

In 1997 Bob Dylan brought out his best album for years, Time Out of Mind. I saw the first UK gig of the tour and it was great. On the album is a beautiful song called Make You Feel My Love. No one made that much fuss about it at the time. It was later covered very well by Bryan Ferry on his album Dylanesque and more recently was a massive hit for Adele.

I’m currently listening to GMS. Amongst Aled’s guests this morning are The Soldiers. What did they choose to sing? Make You Feel My Love. Last week I watched the first episode of a new series of The Choir. What did Gareth get the women to sing? ‘This lovely song by Bob Dylan’: Make You Feel My Love.

For years I think you’d have said that Dylan’s most famous song was Blowing In The Wind, usually described as a protest song. Now, the ubiquitous Dylan sound is a love song which seems to speak to everyone. Are we all going soft? Dylan isn’t. At Bournemouth last month he sang it aggressively, as if he were saying, ‘I’m going to make you feel my love whether you like it or not.’ Trust him to be different.
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