callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Puffin Covers 8: Fell Farm for Christmas

Puffin Story Book 87. I got this out to read for Christmas, then decided it merited another Puffin cover post. The interesting thing about Marjorie Lloyd’s Fell Farm series is that they were only published as Puffins, so the cover you see here is the genuine 1954 first edition. The two other books are Fell Farm Holiday and Fell Farm Campers. This book is illustrated by the author and the cover is by Astrid Walford.

The five Browne children, two sets of twins and an extra, have parents in India. In the holidays they are looked after by Aunt Gretchen but are lucky enough to go up to the Lakes on their own for adventures, staying with the kindly owners of Fell Farm. They are a frightfully competent lot, always well equipped with useful items in their ‘ruckers’ and eating a great deal whenever they can. Classics of their time, I’d say.
Tags: children's books, marjorie lloyd, puffin covers
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