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January 2019



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Cheery Reading 2: A Country Christmas

The cover of this book just invites you to follow the couple down the road and join Miss Read in Fairacre for Christmas. It’s a good example of publishers’ recycling, as there’s only one story which hasn’t appeared in a previous anthology. The stories are not all snow and jollity. There’s a baby born on Christmas Day with only two maiden ladies to help until Nurse arrives (this was my favourite). Another story involves a very disturbed child. Three very short Joyce Grenfell-style monologues are early pieces which appeared in Punch. As usual, what I like best to read about is the school, the children and that great character, Mrs Pringle. A nice, light Christmas read.


Ooh I haven't got this one yet Barbara - though I'm pretty sure I'll have most of the stuff in it, but it does look like wonderful Christmas reading so many thanks for heads up. And it's on Kindle!

Didn't Chelsee do well?
I've had this lying around since last Christmas, I think!

Psst., don't tell anyone but yesterday I voted for Chelsee.
I agree the cover looks suitable festive which would draw me in even without the title :) Sounds like a good read.
You could dip in and out of it. Ideal for bedtime reading!


I've long been a fan of Miss Read, and 'Christmas at Thrush Green' is a favourite of mine. It features the two maiden ladies delivering a baby. I particularly love the scene where the sisters are sitting by the fire, choosing which card they will send to whom. So cosy! I must go now and re-read it! Another goodie is 'No Holly for Miss Quinn', also by Miss Read, and if you haven't got it, you must seek it out! Thanks for reminding me!

Must seek out No Holly! The story about the two sisters was by far the best in the book, I thought.
I'm trying to save up my Christmas reading until I've cleared some of the backlog of work - could mean I don't do any until about July at the rate I'm going! This has been on the TBR pile for some time, but there's something very Christmas-sy about a dip into Fairacre, I feel.
It works for me!
Sorry you're under so much work pressure; hope you will get a proper break at Christmas.